Other Engines

Most of this was made in Multimedia Fusion 2 or older Clickteam products, back when I first started making games.


Murderous Pace

Made in a weekend for a halloween at some point. I can’t remember if it was a game jam or I just felt like it. I love how everything came together with this, and I’m particularly proud of the score system – the closer you are to the evil dude, the faster your heart rate, the higher your score!

Made in Multimedia Fusion 2.


Level 2

A collaboration with Last Chance to Reason to go with their Level 2 album. It’s an on-rails shooter/platformer with most elements of the level synced with the music. The giant lip-synced heads are the best!

Made in Multimedia Fusion 2.


Pike Warrior

An old project that never got past the tech demo phase, which is a shame because I loved how it played. Not enough games use spears!

I also like the theme music I made for it, summed up the mood of the game perfectly. I think I used MilkyTracker.

Made in Multimedia Fusion 2.


Unnamed Top-down Shooter

I lost this project when an old hard-drive burned out. It was literally smoking. Anyway, I had pretty high hopes for it and I had a lot of fun making the HUD. One day I hope to revive this, and I played around in UE4 one day to see what I could do:

Maybe I’ll continue at some point!



I started this for a christmas competition and didn’t get too far with it. Trying to do pathfinding in Multimedia Fusion was a pain!

I did like the core mechanic of this game, though: snow on the ground was the ammo resource, so you’d have to move your guys (who were to be christmas elves and stuff) to patches of thick snow to reload. Choke points would soon run dry and become useless, and over time you’d be fighting for the last bits of snow, or maybe activating abilities that make it snow in concentrated areas. I should prototype something like this again to see if it would be fun.


Plasma Warrior

The second game I put out on the internet, on The Daily Click (here’s my profile!). The community at the time was great!

I may have to upload a newer video since this one is pretty early in development and not recorded very well.

Made in Multimedia Fusion (I think 1.5)



The first ever game I put out on the internet. I got crazy good feedback for it and I’ve seen a bunch of people play it on youtube. I just wanted to make a simple, brutal platformer.

Made in The Games Factory 🙂