The Realm

My greatest technical achievement thus far! The Realm is a fantasy world in which every character has their own agenda and routines, and they can all be possessed by the player and controlled as they see fit. I’ve still got some finishing up to do on it, and a lot of testing, but it all works and it’s quite interesting to watch what happens each playthrough.

The idea was to create a world that would have a different story each time it was played, an ever-changing setting where the player could see the outcomes of their actions rather than be static. The AI is based on Goal Oriented Action Planning, with a few state machines layered on top of it. The meat of this is the Cares system, which works a lot like The Sims and their Needs. For example, the Knight cares about getting powerful loot, slaying evil, and rescuing the Maiden, so his actions will change based on which he deems more important at the time. Put a lot of characters like this with conflicting cares in the same world and you get The Realm.

This was made for my Final Year Project at Staffs Uni.


The Rollomancer

This went closely in-hand with The Realm, as the dice-rolling system forms the basis of the combat system. I spent a day turning it into an app, and it works quite nicely! I’m going to spend some more time polishing it and adding some more features, and then see about getting it released on app stores. I’ll have to put it through some rigorous testing during games of DnD…

Download a test build here: The Rollomancer


Global Game Jam 2017 – Dragon’s Lure

The theme for this year was ‘waves’. So we based ours around a dragon with a puppet princess who waves at passers-by so he can steal their gold. Despite being about a dragon, there isn’t one in the game anywhere.

I did voices for this one! I hope I get to do some more in future, because it was really fun 🙂


Stompy Monster

A game for Android based around destroying puny human cities and collecting different parts to customize your monster.

Made for my Social & Mobile Games module at Staffordshire University.



These were done in my first year of uni.