Unreal Engine 4

Ruins of Atlas

Another collaborative project at Staffs Uni, this time as a senior coder and designer. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, the artists did a wonderful job. Making such an atmospheric game was a real design challenge, but we had a great team and my history making platformers served us well. I can safely say working on this was the highlight of my senior year.


Ion Defence

Made as part of the 2nd/3rd year collaborative project module at Staffs Uni. I was junior tech for this project, but I made most of the core systems. It’s an RTS/tower defence with solar-powered turrets. If they’re out of power, they can’t move! Planets orbiting the star (which you have to protect) make shadows that cause your power to drain.



A prototype for an arena brawler in which your main weapon is a giant ball on a chain. SlowMo kicks in when collision is imminent. This was a small prototype started with friends but never taken forward. We did get some excellent bugs, though:



An arcade/RTS where you grow a horde of zombies to take over the city! I hadn’t known UE4 very long when we made this, and I dread to revisit the code.

Made for my first year group project at Staffordshire University. We had a lot of fun making this and it set the tone for a great uni experience 🙂